A Hand Grinder Counts as Exercise

A Hand Grinder Counts as Exercise

If you’re like me (which I hope you’re not), you’re always looking for activities that you can count as exercise. Walking the dog. Taking out the trash. Talking trash. While these in and of themselves may not help us live longer, they do allow us to feel better about ourselves — which should help us live longer.

As you might know from reading this blog, I made the switch from a blade grinder to a burr grinder not too long ago. After being hounded by fellow coffee snobs about how I was “missing out” on all these flavors and nuances, I decided to take the jump and get a burr grinder. It has disappointed me.

It’s easy to use. Since it’s an electric burr grinder, all I do is plug it in and hit start. It whirs and whines and grinds my beans. It really is that simple.

Now, all my coffee snob friends are telling me I need to get a hand grinder if I really want to be… Click To Tweet Hand grinder means hand-powered. No plug. No electricity. No buttons to push.

Just old fashioned elbow grease (now who remembers that reference?).

I have to admit, it does look kind of fun. I imagine it puts you in touch with the beans, too. I lived fifteen years in California and never felt the need to get in touch with my coffee beans. If I lacked synergy with the beans, I never knew it.

But now I’m older and constantly looking for things to classify as exercise.

Hence the handheld burr grinder.

You can find a variety of handheld burr grinders online. One of the most intriguing ones is on Kickstarter, a website devoted to helping inventors and entrepreneurs fund their projects. It’s called The Precision Coffee Grinder. The price ranges between $55 and $75 depending on the type of finish you choose. I have to admit, it’s a really nice looking piece of exercise equipment.

If I were to make the jump to a handheld burr grinder, this might be the one.