African Coffee Beans

Coffee legend tells of the discovery of the first coffee trees in Ethiopia — it’s not hard to believe that coffee originated where wild coffee tree forests are still the primary harvesting source. Generally wet processed, coffee from Ethiopia comes from one of three main growing regions — Sidamo, Harrar, Kaffa — and often bears one of those names. In the cup, an Ethiopian coffee tends to offer a remarkable and bold statement: full flavored, a bit down-to-earth and full bodied.

Kenyan coffee is well-known and well-liked, both in the United States and Europe. The beans produce a sharp, fruity acidity, combined with full body and rich fragrance. Coffee is grown on the foothills of Mount Kenya, often by small farmers. Kenyan producers place an emphasis on quality and as a result, processing and drying procedures are carefully controlled and monitored. Kenya has its own unique grading system. Kenyan AA is the largest bean in a 10-size grading system, and AA+ means that it was estate grown.

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Uganda Bugisu, 12oz. Whole Bean
from: Three Avocados, Inc
This 100% Arabica, single origin African coffee, is grown on the slopes of Mt. Elgon, in the Bugisu region. It has a clean, bold taste with hints of bittersweet chocolate. Proceeds from the purchase of this coffee benefit the people of Uganda. 100% of the profits go to providing clean drinking water.

Chelbesa Ethiopia, 12oz. Whole Bean
from: Slate Coffee Roasters
Single Origin. A natural processed coffee dried on raised beds and milled in Addis Ababa. Sweet and delicious, with notes of strawberry, peach, plum, cherry, and pecan. Ends with raspberry dark chocolate.

Ethiopia Biftu Gudina, 12oz. Whole Bean
from: Kuma Coffee
Single Origin. Biftu has a rich jammy fruit forward profile, with notes of blueberry jam lime zest and florals reminiscent of blackberry blossoms and the sweetness of vanilla.

Ethiopia Sidamo, 12oz. Whole Bean
from: Longshoreman’s Daughter Coffee
Single Origin. A graham cracker sweetness with lush tones of ginger and molasses, this roast has all the deep, tea-like flavors that make Ethiopian coffees so well- loved. It’s tea-lightful!

Kenya Thika Kiriga AA, 12oz. Whole Bean
from: Seattle Coffee Works
Single Origin. Another beautiful Kenyan coffee, grown at 1650m in Gatanga region. SL 28 and SL 34 varietals. Sparkling and lively, with stonefruit acidity and notes of pink grapefruit and blood orange. One of our current favorites!

Burundi Ruvubu, 12oz. Whole Bean
from: Zoka Coffee
Single Origin. Flavors of Persian cucumbers and zesty citrus spices, lead to a bold acidity with a balanced well-rounded body, that has a nice chocolatey finish.

Ethiopia Ardi Natural Process, Coda Coffee 12 oz bag, Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee
from: Coda Coffee
The “Ardi” is from Sidama Guji, Ethiopia. It is a natural process coffee, and shows it with it’s extremely fruit forward strawberry rhubarb taste. There is subtle hints of blueberry as well. The finish is pleasantly sweet.

Kenya Othaya, Coda Coffee 12 oz bag, Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee
from: Coda Coffee
This is one of our best coffees, period. Grown at a very high altitude, the coffee beans are very dense, resulting in bright, fruity acidity and sweetness. This Kenyan coffee is dynamic, a perfect fit for someone looking to try something a little more exciting than the average coffee.

Blue Bottle Coffee – Three Africans Blend (Whole Beans Coffee), 8 oz
from: Blue Bottle Coffee
This coffee is generally a blend of Congolese and two different Ethiopians coffees. Together, these components produce a big, chocolaty aroma and excel in just about every prep method, save espresso and siphon.

Ethiopia Limmu Inara 12oz Whole Bean
from: Voyage Coffee
This Fair Trade coffee features that acidic lemony-ness found in many Ethiopian coffees. Notes of berry and sweet black tea balance out the citrusy tartness and add a nice level of complexity.

Tanzania Tarime 12oz Whole Bean
from: Voyage Coffee
A smooth, buttery coffee with notes of caramel, red wine, and chocolate.