Brazil Fazenda Fumas

Brazil Fazenda Fumas

IMG_2053Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Brazil Fazenda Fumas. I could tell you what Brazil means and that’s about it. Actually, I could tell you where Brazil is – what it actually means is another story!

But these are the beans I just received from Sweet Maria’s earlier in the week. I usually buy two pounds at a time and have them shipped together, since the cost difference between 1 and 2 pounds of coffee is about one dollar. Shipped individually in one pound increments, it is about $8 on UPS.

This particular batch was dry processed, which is describing the manner in which the cherry and the parchment are removed from the coffee bean itself.

Basically, there are two ways to process a green coffee bean: wet or dry. Wet processing use water to remove the cherry and parchment; dry processing leaves the cherry and parchment on the bean during the drying phase. It is similar to something that is sund-ried (but without the tomato taste!). In simplest terms, the bean is either washed (wet processing) or unwashed (dry processing).

Dry processing is the oldest form of coffee bean processing. You just lay them out under the sun and wait. Each type of processing will adjust the flavor of the bean to some degree and different regions and beans respond better to one type of processing over the other.

According to Sweet Maria’s, Rinaldo Junqueira owns and operates Fazenda Furnas. I’m looking forward to enjoying his beans!