Central American Beans

With the exception of Belize, Central America as a whole is a large contributor to the global coffee supply, and along with its southerly neighbor Colombia, coffee from this region of the world is what has most informed the North American coffee-drinking preferences and habits. (After all, Guatemala and Honduras are much closer to the States than any African coffee-growing region is, and it’s easier for us to buy from them than to ship beans clear across the wide expanse of the Atlantic).

Due in part to similar climate and altitude, processing techniques, and the selection of coffee varieties grown here, we can expect cup qualities from this region to contain varying amounts of acidity and a smooth, sugar-browning sweetness that is sometimes soft like chocolate or buttery like flaky pastry crust. “Balance” is a word that often comes up when describing these coffees, and their fruit-like characteristics often play nice as a mild backdrop to the cocoa and spice flavors.

Browse Our Central American Beans

Nicaragua, 12oz. Whole Bean Coffee
from: Three Avocados, Inc

Panama Boquete Suarez Natural, 12oz. Whole Bean
from: Seattle Coffee Works
Single Origin. Sweet, with notes of peach, almond, raspberry, and a baking spice finish.

Mexico Nayarita, 12oz. Whole Bean
from: Velton’s Coffee Roasting Company
Single Origin. With a strawberry shortcake aroma and a milk- chocolate-covered berry taste, this roast is a sip of summer in the dead of winter. The natural process used for this sustainable Mexican roast imparts a very “fruity” aroma and flavor characteristic that comes through loud and beautifully clear.

Costa Rica Granitos de Altura del Ortiz, 12oz. Whole Bean
from: Ladro Roasting
Single Origin. This White Honey Process coffee sparkles in the cup and its clarity is amazing. Granitos de Altura del Ortiz continues to impress us with the quality of their coffee. Look for juicy green apple and vanilla bean in the finish.

El Salvador El Manzano, 12oz. Whole Bean
from: Herkimer Coffee
Single Origin. Notes of lime and red tea blend into smooth caramel and buttery popcorn flavors. A relationship coffee since 2008. Medium body and orange juice texture. Lime acidity, caramel and peanuts in the middle, with plum and rooibus herbal character.

Guatemala Finca la Esperanza, 12oz. Whole Bean
from: Conduit Coffee Company
Single Origin. Punchy and brunchy, with a tart orange flavor and a mellow fondue finish that our roaster calls “chocolate mimosa”. A nice variant on the typical Guatemala, which usually carries more notes of red fruit than citrus.

Mexico Majomut Fair Trade Organic, Coda Coffee 12 oz bag, Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee
from: Coda Coffee
Mexico Majomut FTO Notes: buttery. toasty. nutty. The Majomut comes out of the Chiapas region of Mexico. It has been a long standing staple of Coda’s single origin offerings.

Mexico La Lagunilla
from: Voyage Coffee
This organic offering features a sweet almond scent, followed by sweet dark chocolate, tart wine-like flavors and a mellow aftertaste. Medium body. This coffee is Strictly High Grown, meaning it’s cultivated above 1200m.