How Do You Brew

How Do You Brew

Not all brewing methods are created equal.

In some respects, it’s like learning to ride a bike. We start by cruising on a big wheel or a tricycle, graduate to training wheels, and eventually move up to two wheels. From there, the sky is the limit — mountain bikes, ten speeds, beach cruisers.

There’s no shame in using a regular drip machine. In fact, there are some really good ones. But we’re going to take you from training wheels to riding all by yourself.

We’ll help you learn about the various methods and gear that you’ll find in a craft coffee shop. Every method has its proponents and detractors — such is art! Many of these methods are relatively easy to master and fun to tinker with. Best of all, they make a great cup of coffee.

To explore the various coffee brewing methods and gear, use the categories on the right column.

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