Indonesian Beans

Indonesia, one of the world’s largest countries, is composed of thousands of islands. Several of the larger islands — Sumatra, Java, and Sulawesi — are known throughout the world for fine quality coffee. The coffee plant was introduced to Indonesia by Dutch colonists in the 17th century, and the country soon led the world’s production. Today, small coffee farms of 1-2 acres predominate and most of it’s dry processed. Indonesian coffees are noted for a pronounced rich, full body and mild acidity.

Indonesia is also known for its fine aged coffees, which were held over a period of time by farmers who wanted to sell them at higher prices. Warehousing gently ages the coffee in Indonesia’s warm, damp climate and results in a coffee prized for even deeper body and less acidity. This process cannot be matched — even with today’s technology.

Explore Our Indonesian Coffee Beans

Sumatra Mandheling Old School, 12oz. Whole Bean
from: Seven Coffee Roasters
Single Origin. The rich semi-sweet chocolate of a darker roast, paired with a refreshing bite of cucumber— a winning combination. Full-bodied with low acidity, this medium-dark roast carries an Earthy chocolate flavor that resolves into a crisp, cucumber finish.

Sumatra Tapanuli, 12oz. Whole Bean
from: Fundamental Coffee Company
Single Origin. This coffee hails from the “Mandheling” area of North Sumatra. This coffee is thick, herbaceous, syrupy, and fantastic. After multiple cuppings, we’ve finally found the best!

Philippines Kalinga, 12oz. Whole Bean
from: Seven Coffee Roasters
Single Origin.Mild yet bright, this roast features a balanced mix of fruity and oaky notes. Its United Nations N-Peace award is just icing on the (fruit) cake. A medium roast from Kalinga Province. Sourced through Coffee for Peace, a coop in which 80% of the coffee farmers are women. Notes of jack fruit, oak, and fruit cake.

Organic Sumatra, 12oz. Whole Bean
from: Longshoreman’s Daughter Coffee
Single Origin. An atypical Sumatra. Roasty toasty aromas while brewing leads into a juice-like body with a bite of black currant, earthy herbal notes, and a hazelnut finish.

Faro Limited Roast Indonesian ‘Sumatra Wahana’ Whole Coffee Beans, 0.8lbs
from: Faro Roasting House
No type of coffee is more beloved or despised than the coffee that grows in Indonesia. It’s deep, dark, meaty mushroom­like earthy complexity in your cup is not for everyone. But the beans from this region do take to dark roasting well.

Indonesia Sumatra
from: Voyage Coffee
The distinct, sharp fragrance of this organic coffee has notes of fruit, especially blueberry. Spice, dark chocolate, and vanilla flavors give this coffee a very mocha-ish feeling.