Portable Pour Overs

Portable Pour Overs

I travel a fair amount but I’m certainly not a road warrior. As you would expect from an evolving coffee snob, one of my biggest frustrations about traveling is hotel coffee. I’m not bitter (!); after all, what can you expect from a hotel that has to turn around rooms and food service every single day.

If the room has a coffee maker, I use it. If there’s free coffee in the lobby, I’ll drink it. I may be an evolving coffee snob, but not to the point of caffeine deprivation. Click To Tweet

Over the next few weeks I’ll be on the road a fair amount. So, I decided to fire up Google and find me a solution to my road woes.

Now, to be clear, I do own an Aeropress that is a good for traveling but it requires you to carry your beans separate. This raises a problem: do I also bring a grinder and grind every morning? Do I pre-grind my coffee and carry it in a zip lock bag? If you appreciate good coffee, you’ll understand these are important questions!

What did I find after a few minutes on Google and Amazon? I found something I didn’t know existed: personal pour over hand drip packets.

After looking at a few them and how they were designed, one word came to mind: genius.

The ground coffee is packaged in a disposable filter and then sealed inside an air-proof packet. But it’s not a pod that you drop into a drip machine. It’s certainly not instant coffee.

Here’s how it works: you tear off the top of the filter, extend two handles across the top of your coffee cup, and add hot water similar to how you would for a pour over. You can even let it bloom for the first 15-30 seconds! When you’re finished adding water, simply throw the disposable filter and grounds away.

Granted, the coffee has been already ground. That’s usually a no-no. But it’s been quickly sealed, so that helps.

I’m imagining these will be very helpful in circumstances where grinding, electricity, etc., may be difficult. All you need is access to hot water and you’re good to go.

So, in a few weeks I will be in another country, in a spot just like I described. I’m planning on packing a few of these and giving them a test run. I may stick a few packs of Starbucks Via (don’t judge) in my luggage just to be safe. From what I can tell, I don’t think I’ll need them.

When I get back, I’ll write about my experience with these disposable hand drippers.

Here are the ones I’m taking along for the ride.