Steel or Paper Filters?

Steel or Paper Filters?

I’ve been having a conversation with myself recently. Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first conversation I’ve had with myself and for the most part they’ve resolved themselves pretty well. I’ll keep the unresolved ones to myself for now.

The conversation I’ve been having with myself is about whether to switch to a stainless steel filter for my Aeropress. Since getting my Aeropress, I’ve only used paper filters. I buy them from a local roaster in packs of 350. Using at least 2 per day, they last me quite a while and are fairly inexpensive.

While I know there are environmental and financial reasons to switch to a stainless steel filter, I’m also concerned about taste. Not having used a stainless steel filter before (for any type of coffee brewing), I’m wondering how it will affect the taste.

From what I can research online, the difference breaks down this way:

  • Paper filters don’t allow any solids to pass through, including oils.
  • Steel filters allow micro particles to pass through, including oils.

Depending on your perspective and palate, oils are either good or bad. Personally, I’ve never been offended by them. In fact, during my French Press days, oils seemed to be a good thing.

So the conversation continues. I guess the only way to figure it out is to buy a stainless steel filter and brew a cup of coffee.

Any of you have a preference?