The Path to Coffee Snobbery

The path to true coffee snobbery goes something like this:

  • Folgers in a red can
  • Flavored Hazelnut coffee, already ground
  • Starbucks Breakfast blend, still already ground
  • Whole bean Starbucks with a blade grinder
  • Your first taste of locally roasted beans
  • Purchasing locally roasted beans at Whole Foods
  • Trading in your Mr. Coffee drip machine for a French Press
  • Learning the difference between Ethiopian and Costa Rican beans
  • Buying your first burr grinder
  • Adding an Aeropress to your coffee arsenal

But the path to true coffee snobbery leads to a place only a small percentage of coffee snobs will ever find: home roasting their own beans.

You’ll add words to your coffee vocabulary that 98% of coffee drinkers will never use in a casual conversation:

  • First crack
  • Second crack
  • Chaff
  • City Roast
  • City +
  • Full City
  • Degassing (it’s as fun as it sounds)
  • Resting the beans

Where to Start?

While you could roast beans in your oven (and I have – once!), you’ll want to use a birthday or Christmas credit to purchase a home roasting machine. I’ve got reviews on this site for a couple of different machines; the one I use nearly every week is the Behmor 1600.

Once you buy your Behmor, you’ll need to order a stock of green beans (not in cans). Fortunately, the internet has opened the door to a wide variety of green beans you may not be able to find locally. And … green beans are cheaper by the pound than their roasted counterparts! Which means you can drink the same amount of coffee for less money.

View our selection of green unroasted coffee beans and get roasting!