Using the Aeropress

Using the Aeropress

From the fellow who invented the Aerobie flying disc comes the Aeropress, quite simply one of the best ways to make a single cup of coffee. Alan Adler, the inventor of the Aeropress, loves coffee and set up to create the a simple, portable way to brew cafe-grade coffee. And he succeeded!

After ten years of using a French Press every single day (and please forgive me, another 30 years of using a Mr. Coffee or Bunn drip), I switched to the Aeropress and haven’t turned back.

The instructions below come from one of our favorite Denver roasters, Sweet Bloom. The founder of Sweet Bloom, Andy Sprenger, is a U.S. Aeropress National Champion (yes, they do have Aeropress championships!). He knows what he’s doing.

Here’s his recommended way to use the Aeropress:

  • Place filter in cap and rinse with hot water to eliminate paper taste.
  • Twist on cap and add 16g of freshly ground coffee to the chamber. The grind should be on the finer side of drip coffee.
  • Set mug on scale, place chamber on top of mug and zero scale.
  • Start timer and add 35g of water just off boil to saturate all the grounds and form bloom.
  • Wait 25 seconds – this is a great time to smell the bloom!
  • Gently and slowly add another 230g in the space of 30-40 more seconds (coffee will slowly be dripping in to mug during this time), then carefully insert plunger into chamber far enough so plunger will not tip out. Wait another 30 seconds. Carefully remove mug and Aeropress off of scale.
  • At approximately 1:45 seconds, slowly begin to press for 40 seconds until you first hear a “hissing” sound (don’t squeeze the coffee bed dry). Total brew time should be ~2:30.

To learn more about Andy and to buy beans from Sweet Bloom, click here.

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