Why I’m Reluctant to Blend

Why I’m Reluctant to Blend

In many respects, I have never been much of a free spirit. I have tended to dress like those around me (the men, that is), with the exception of my senior year of high school when I vowed to wear a t-shirt every single day — one of my many high school accomplishments.

I’ve never dyed my hair or worn a mohawk.

I’ve named my pets creative names such as Smokey and Pokey.

The only time I’ve really ran counter to the crowd was also in high school. While my friends were listening to Top 40 stuff like Culture Club and Wham!, I was listening to Neil Young, Jimmy Buffett, and the Eagles. I’ve always attributed that to the grace of God, sparing me from a decade of shame.

Other than that, I’ve fit in pretty well.

Which brings me to why I don’t try blends in my home roasting.

First, a simple definition of blends. A coffee blend is when you take two or more different coffee beans and put them together – blending them into something new. They may or may not be roasted together. The idea is that the combined beans create a better cup of coffee.

Just so you know, I’m not philosophically opposed to blends. I may have hints of coffee snobbery, but I’m far from an ideologue when it comes to coffee. In fact, I’ve been known to buy coffee blends from time to time. I’ve even enjoyed them.

I have never roasted them.

And here’s why: I’m cheap.

My fear, however irrational it might be, is that I would end ruining not one but two different roasts. As I said, it’s probably irrational. I could roast them separate and then mix a few together (now that I think of it, I might try that). But that would mean I’d have to find beans that fit well together, then find the appropriate resting period for each bean, which would require me to track them on a calendar and …

You get the point.

Maybe I’m neither fearful or cheap. Maybe I’m just lazy.

The truth is, single origin coffee home roasted is simply fantastic. Click To Tweet It’s hard to imagine it getting any better. Then again, that’s probably how the peanut butter and chocolate makers felt until them accidentally put them together (if you believe the old commercial).

Who knows, I might yet try a blend … or two.