Why Some People Think Peaberries are Number One

Why Some People Think Peaberries are Number One

When it comes to coffee, everyone has an opinion — even if that opinion is that Dunkin’ Donuts makes “the best coffee ever.” After all, this is America and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

But that doesn’t mean every opinion is equally true, if true at all.

Coffee opinions range from light, medium, or dark roast to the places where the beans are grown. Really serious nerds have opinions about how the beans are processed — wet or dry. Every coffee drinker has an opinion about black coffee. It may be the one opinion that doesn’t allow for neutrality.

If you have progressed beyond buying your coffee pre-ground at the grocery store, then you are familiar with the term “whole bean.” But what is a whole coffee bean?

When most people think of a whole coffee bean it’s a slightly oval-shaped bean with two halves. But are they two halves of one bean or two separate beans joined like Siamese twins? It’s an important question, though maybe not as important as the meaning of life.

Technically, what many people consider to be a whole bean of coffee is actually two beans. When you find a bean that is truly a single bean of coffee, that is called a “peaberry.”

Click To Tweet Here’s the reasoning behind it: The single bean packs more punch than two halves because it gets a higher concentration of the good stuff.

Does a peaberry taste better? That’s hard to say. Is there a scientific way to prove that mild cheddar taste better than sharp cheddar?

Like opinions, taste preferences are also highly personal.

A better question might be: Do peaberries taste different? The answer to that is … usually. When pulled from the same crop as their two-halved brothers, a peaberry will have a different nuance. In lighter roasts, you will notice a bit more acidity and complexity but not in a negative kind of way (at least that’s my opinion).

The best way to form an educated opinion is try a peaberry for yourself. It’s not the same if you buy regular whole bean coffee and spend the afternoon separating the halves.

You just might come to the conclusion that peaberries are really number one when it comes to coffee beans.

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Kenya Nyeri Othaya Peaberry
from: Broadcast Coffee Roasters
Mellow and smooth, this Kenya could sweet-talk you all day long. And with its lush notes of chocolate-covered orange and grapefruit finish, you might just let it. Grown on the slopes of the Aberdares mountain range by family-owned farms of the Othaya Coop. Notes of orange, milk chocolate, and grapefruit.